Seeing this need and realizing there was an opportunity to make investing into Blockchain infrastructure more accessible to investors, we created HIVE Blockchain in the fall of last year.

All of these websites read and write content to the Hive blockchain, which stores the content in an immutable blockchain ledger, and rewards users for their contributions with digital tokens called HIVE. How does work?

Bruce Campbell, president and portfolio manager at StoneCastle Investment Management, discusses HIVE Blockchain Technologies. What else does HIVE blockchain do? is one of the many websites that are powered by the Hive blockchain and HIVE cryptocurrency.

The new Hive blockchain does not include the 80% ninja mined tokens, which was done as a prevention against centralization of the blockchain and potential censorship. This is because the technology is designed to be both transparent and immutable. Validation is an essential aspect of blockchain technology. HIVE is a growth oriented, publicly listed company building a bridge from the blockchain sector to traditional capital markets. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing finance and there are very few ways for investors to gain exposure to businesses in this space.

While the tokens haven’t been transferred to Hive, the founder’s accounts have been migrated (without the airdropped tokens) and they are allowed to participate in the new blockchain if they wish.

The latest earnings report by HIVE Blockchain (OTCQX:HVBTF) confirms the company made the right decisions on the locations of its cryptocurrency mining farms, as it was able to generate a small

Other than running multiple mining farms, HIVE blockchain also validates transactions on blockchain networks. Often, it is the data miner’s role to validate a transaction.

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