A retrospective that uses the famous 3 little pigs story. 2. Three Little Pigs Udacity, whose photo I'm using above, used the Three Little Pigs ( which most people are attributing to Fun Retrospectives who in turn credit Steve Wells ) retrospective at the beginning of their recent two-day design off-site where they refined their goals for the future, capturing it all, along with great observations on design thinking, in an excellent post on Medium . The STICK house denotes processes and … Browse our library of retro ideas, from the classic to the creative so that teams can learn and develop together. This retrospective is useful for reviewing processes and behaviors. 3. Check google for pictures of the houses, or let the best creative side of you draw the houses on a whiteboard.

In addition, this retrospective is understandable easily. The pigs This enables you to jump out of role (again). Probably you know as Scrum Master that it’s hard to vary the way to do Retrospectives in a Scrum team. Laura Hillman November 9, 2019. Agile Project Experiences - The Story of Three Little Pigs 1. Here, you'll be able to find all of my Three Little Pigs reviews. This is visual and just a tiny bit childish. The LEGO® retrospective is a fun and stimulating activity that fosters a group conversation about feelings and future directions. Stuck for sprint retrospective activities? The team reflects on their overall agility and technical excellence and identifies three lists: what they do really well, what could be improved, and what are their weakest areas. This light-hearted, yet effective retrospective will highlight processes in the team that work well and are solid (brick house), questionable or could be improved (wooden house) or simply waiting to collapse (straw house). 3 Little pigs Retro for Distributed teams Object of Play. Updated May 14, 2018. The three piglets retrospective is based of the fable the three little pigs. Resources Sprint Retrospective Ideas ... Three Little Pigs. Three Little Pigs - Retrospective là một phương thức khác để Scrum Master có thể facilitate một buổi retrospective có không khí vui vẻ và tích cực. The 3 Little Pigs Activities + Free Printables We used things from around the house to do some hands on learning all based on the fairy tale, The Three Little Pigs-affiliate link . The third version of this tale, “The Pigs, the Wolf, and the Mud” by Ellen Tarlow (n.d.), was written as a decodable text for young readers. Sprint Retrospective Ideas. The retrospective of the three little pigs is an interesting retrospective; it allows to work on 3 distinct axes: instability, lack of solidity and what is solid. Running the[…] Retrospective. When the third pig is tried and convicted for the murder of his two brothers by a wolf jury, he builds a zombie Frankenpig to take out his revenge on the actual murderer. Image September 21, 2016 July 19, 2018 imbeciledynasty Retrospective. Furthermore, you can use a plethora of games and activities to enrich your retrospectives, a simple online search will give you great ideas and there are even dedicated websites to the matter.

This activity was shared by Steve Wells. LEGO® retrospective. Plot Edit. We all know the classic fairy tale of the three little pigs, right? Template created by: Sarah Fajerberg - Template has been used 2616 times. The goal is to divide the last iteration, or time period in the three categories of the houses of the pigs. An animated horror version of the Three Little Pigs story. Eugene Trivizas (1997), reverses character roles by putting three little wolves in danger as a villainous pig destroys each house the wolves build. A piglet in a fairy tale can say completely different things than a senior software engineer. How it works Using the story of The Three Little Pigs, the team draws a canvas that contains three houses: a house of straw, a house of sticks, and a house of bricks. The three little pigs. Create Free Board Three Little Pigs … Based on the story of the three little pigs and their quest for at strong house to live in. Cách thức để thực h Filtering and group conversation about action items. Phương thức này được xây dựng trên câu chuyện nổi tiếng cho thiếu nhi, Ba Chú Heo Con. Some examples of activities that I have done with success are "The 3 Ls”, the "Three Little Pigs” and the "Hot Air Balloon”. Three Little Pigs Thursday Hey, guys I'm setting up this page for my Three Little Pigs retrospective. Play your team through the fable of the three little pigs. Ask the participants to share hteir nores on post-it and place on one of the three columns. The STRAW house denotes processes and behaviors that are weak and should be dropped or changed. It is an awesome and fun activity, especially when it involves a good drawing about the three pigs with their houses. Seeing many requests around different retrospectives, I decided to propose an article on this one. The Three Little Pigs is a fun retrospective activity that uses the Three Little Pigs story to foster a conversation about improvements for getting our structures more solid. Retrospective – Three Little Pigs.