Dynamic robot combat game. car, bike, helicopters or the animals like tiger, lion, and elephant. You are a new machine race member.

For sure it would be some kind of multi robot transforming that occurs in the robot car game i.e. The description of Robot Car Dynamic robot combat game. Mix of RPG, TPS and fighting.

Try to survive in the city with armed citizen, soldiers and special swat squads. Robot flying games and car transforming games also contains a lot of diversity with flying robot transforming into eagle, pigeon, dragon, bee games and much more. The real test for you skills. The future is now.

The ramp car robot games will allow you to perform robot car war by using an amazing robot car transform into ramp car. Easy controls and enthralling gameplay. Easy controls and enthralling gameplay. Muscle Car Robot Muscle Car Robot is a fascinating free online transformers fighting game about futuristic cars that turn into powerful killing machines.

Your race came to Earth from the outer space and wish only peace but human special forces keep hunting on you. Control this robot on a city packed with police officers willing to take you down and try to get rid of them using your cool fighting skills and different kinds of … The real test for you skills.