May 01, 2020 Dangerous cosmic rays will pass near Earth tonight, causing bodily harm if you keep personal electronics near you Become a member today Check Google amp NASA BBC News Help Supercharge Snopes For 2020 How nasa is trying to 'touch' the sun bbc news duration: 1:44. bbc news recommended for you. On 27 May, two US astronauts will achieve a world first when they launch to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a spacecraft built by Elon Musk's SpaceX. 1:44. cadena de mensajes dice hay que apagar celulares está noche duration: 2:22. Coronavirus: nasa's moon plans take a hit bbc news. Le lancement de la saison 2020-21 de Ligue 1 de foot attendu le 23 août. ... La Nasa retient trois atterrisseurs pour retourner sur la Lune en 2024.

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover will look for signs of past microbial life, cache rock and soil samples, and prepare for future human exploration.