Archived. An agreement has been made between Mojang and Bethesda regarding the Scrolls trademark dispute, ... Bethesda and Mojang settle on Scrolls lawsuit. Mojang shouldn't be able to trademark Scrolls, however they should definitely be able to use Scrolls without risk of exactly this lawsuit. Mojang and Bethesda Settle Lawsuit: Scrolls Will Keep its Name. Now, with the official proceedings getting underway, the case is officially out of the "maybe" stage. Notch has confirmed that the lawsuit between Mojang - developer of Minecraft and Scrolls - will be going to court with Bethesda, regarding the name of their Scrolls title.

... Bethesda And Mojang Reach Settlement On Scrolls Lawsuit. Bethesda and Mojang finally come to an agreement over the Scrolls trademark but sadly it never did come down to a war in the Quake 3 arena.

Share. By Hollander Cooper 28 September 2011. Mojang and Bethesda Settle Lawsuit: Scrolls Will Keep its Name. They should be able to, but only in a particular artistic font or in conjunction with something else that makes it very clear that it is talking about Mojang's game.

Apparently they didn't agree to the Quake challenge. Up until recently, the idea of a court battle was just that - an idea. MCV Staff 12th March 2012 Business News.

Close. ORIGINAL STORY: The Zenimax/Bethesda versus Mojang court case has been settled - Scrolls will still be called Scrolls. 7 years ago. UPDATE: Mojang responded to the lawsuit, ... Bethesda and Mojang's "Scrolls" lawsuit will go to court. u/Abriael. Mojang, the developer of the hit PC sandbox game Minecraft, are still in a deep legal duel with publisher Bethesda Softworks over the name of Mojang's next game Scrolls. 233. Posted by.