You'll need to sell full-age ads for $2,000, half-page ads for $1,000, quarter-page ads for $500 and so on. On newsstand for two weeks. Option 1: 12 month contract advertising at discounted pricing equivalent to one free ad through the life of the contract period. Speak to a member of the team. All ad rates include 4-color. • The magazine goes on sale on 11 June & the deadline for receiving ad artwork is Wednesday, 27 May Print - Box Ad Rates (labels, distributors, shops, mailorder, etc) The smallest ad on the "Glamour" rate card is one-third of a page and sells for $94,208. Ratecards and advertising specifications for the Daily Mail, Weekend, The Mail on Sunday, YOU magazine, Event and MailOnline. The Economist magazine has run of site rates even higher, ranging from $40 to $62 for the 300×250 and $53 to $82 for the desktop leaderboard. Contextual rates command another 15 to 20 percent more. The Sunflower Magazine Cover For detailed information regarding the advertising specs, rates, dates, and other important information for advertising in our magazine, The Sunflower, go to the Ad Specs, Rates, & Dates section.

Ad Material Specs Ad Rates Advertising Order Form. Clipper Magazine is America’s most trusted local advertising & marketing solutions provider offering a full line of outstanding digital and print options. Advertising Contracts. Advertising rates are effective January 2019 issue, based on number of issues in which a company has advertised in any 12-month period.• Advertising contracts for 18-time, 12-time and 6-time frequency rates must be signed and returned to PRI. *Feature Issues: The Beautiful Issue, Sexiest Man Alive, Best Of Issue. Advertising Page Layout With Ad Sizes However, this can vary widely since each publication will have a magazine ad rate sheet that lists rates and options. Rates are slightly reduced for retailers in limited areas and mass retailers with a large number of stores.

†Must run opposite full-page ad PEOPLE FEATURE ISSUES* Rate Base 3,400,000 3,500,000 4-Color Rates: Our display and print rates 2019.

Inc. connects your brand with the world’s most dynamic business leaders. will run in both editions. If your circulation is 50,000, your CPM for a full-page would be $40. Download our media pack here. Kyra Willis, Advertising Account Manager Telephone: 07738 777657 email: Magazine Advertising Rates ADVERTISING WITH CommunityAd offer low cost, large-scale targeted advertising in quality well-read news community magazines from as little as £78* for 3 months. Issue: 2020 Ad Reservation Dates 2019-2020: Contract Advertising.
Magazine ads are sold by the page or page increment—full page, half page, quarter page, etc. The rise of responsive advertising in recent years may seem at first glance to complicate how to set online advertising rates. If you need $48,000 to cover the costs, including overhead, of one issue of your magazine, you'll need to set your ad rates to generate $2,000 per advertising page. For example, if the circulation is 30,000 and the rate for a full-page ad is $600, divide $600 by 30. If the newspaper's columns measure 1 3/8" then we can assume this ad is 3 3/8" wide by 2" deep. The open rate is $8.00 per column inch, which is 6 column inches x $8.00 for an ad total of $48. Ad Rates and Downloads. The general advertising rate for a full-color full-page ad in the magazine is $209,254. Once you have your ad ready for publication, the average cost is estimated at $250,000 to have a full-page ad displayed one time in a national magazine. Costs for placing magazine ads will vary from publication to publication. See MAGAZINE ADVERTISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS for additional information including opt-out and upgrade options. Sport, Fashion, Tech, Culture, Lifestyle, Business, Travel Find all News, Find all Gujarati News, Feature stories,News in Gujarati, Gujarat News, Gujarati News Headlines, Gujarati Breaking News, Gujarati Magazine, Gujarati site in, ad rates Contact our team to discuss advertising and partnership opportunities across all of our publishing platforms – the magazine, social media, email and online. You'd see that advertising in this publication would cost $20 to reach each thousand readers. Typical Cost: $500 to $20,000, depending on whether the publication is local or national, the size of your ad, whether you use color and if you've negotiated a multiple-ad rate. They will also depend upon the size of the ad placed and the positioning of the ad.