This Macintosh IIsi was made in 1990. A Control Panel or supplied infrared remote control switched the whole screen between the Mac’s desktop, the TV tuner or a composite video input – no video-in-a-window on this puppy.

Apple Macintosh LC 550 Specs. Macintosh IIci The Apple Macintosh IIci features a 25 MHz 68030 processor, 1 MB or 4 MB of RAM, and a 40 MB or an 80 MB hard drive in a compact, easy-to-expand desktop case. It has a …

The IIci could be hacked to run OS 8.1, which it would do without a hack if it had a DayStar 040 (instead of the 030), or easily up to OS 8.6 or 9 if it had a 601 processor upgrade. The Macintosh IIci is the first 32-bit clean Macintosh, as well as the first Macintosh in the Macintosh II series to feature a Level 2 cache, a PDS slot, and built-in-monitor support. All Macintosh LC Models | All 1994 Models | Dynamically Compare This Mac to Others.

Distribute This Page: Bookmark & Share The Apple Macintosh LC 550 features a 33 MHz 68030 processor, 5 MB of RAM, either an 80 MB or a 160 MB hard drive, and a 2X CD-ROM drive in a relatively compact all-in-one case with a 14" color display. Available on Macintosh II Video Cards and the Macintosh IIci built-in video. Pinout . 15 PIN D-SUB MALE at the video cable.

The Apple Macintosh IIvx features a 32 MHz 68030 processor, a 68882 FPU, 4 MB of RAM and either a 40 MB, 80 MB, or 230 MB hard drive in a high-profile desktop case.

The MacTV was a limited edition Performa 520 all-in one, clad in a black case and including a TV tuner card. The IIsi is a cut down IIci with a slightly slower processor and a newer motherboard design with built in cache. ('Vampire Video' is no longer an issue.) Macintosh TV – 1993. This included the Classic, LC, and the IIsi. A black Mac! Introduced as a lower-cost alternative to the other Macintosh II family of desktop models, it was popular for home use, as it offered more expandability and performance than the Macintosh LC, which was introduced at the same time. It was a part of Apples Three Tier strategy of low end macs in 1990. The Macintosh IIsi is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from October 1990 to March 1993. Most notably, the Macintosh IIvx was the first Mac to accommodate an internal CD-ROM drive, and it could be configured accordingly with an optional 2X CD-ROM drive (standard on M1373LL/A configuration). 15 PIN D-SUB FEMALE at the computer.