So it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least, when reports started surfacing this week that Last Tango in Halifax’s extended hiatus is at last coming to an end. Derek Jacobi is one of television's finest actors and he acted superbly. 05-21-2020 Local Time 09:37 PM.

Josh Bolt as Raff Last Tango in Halifax might be the most recent thing on Josh Bolt’s resume, but it’s hardly the only credit on there.He took on portraying Pete Shotton in 2009’s Nowhere Boy, had a short arc on Shameless as Frasier Kane, and Inspector Lewis as Adam Tibitt.He’s also had brief guest star roles on Grantchester, Scott and Bailey, and 2019’s Catch-22.

Last Tango in Halifax series 5: Sarah Lancashire reveals twist for Caroline – and she has a ‘proposition’ for Gillian. Last Tango in Halifax series 5 episode 1 review: From Caroline’s budding romance to Gillian’s woodworm – it’s just brilliant Abbie Bray Sunday 23 Feb 2020 10:03 pm After a four-year break, Sally Wainwright’s delightful Last Tango in Halifax is back. And not a moment too soon, either, what with the recent barrage of dramas packed with murder and anguish.

Abbie Bray Monday 17 Feb 2020 12:09 am. Last Tango in Halifax Earlier this week I was compelled to watch, for the first time, an episode of this program. No doubt he had a reason to appear in the series, just as he will have had for The Night Garden, but I'm equally bemused in both cases. For those who aren’t familiar or need a quick refresher, the BAFTA-winning dramedy starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid tells the story of a pair star-crossed teenage sweethearts who reunite on Facebook over fifty years later.