3.4. starstarstarstar_halfstar_border. When we first contacted Kronos, the friendly representative asked for some information on our business, including size and what we were looking for in a time and attendance system.

Kronos is used first to manage timekeeping for hourly employees and time off for salary exempt employees. Frequent cancellations of meetings. Finally, some of our largest orgs use the workforce management / scheduling features in Kronos to help plan to meet business needs. 8.1 Overall Score.

All employees in the company use Kronos. 4.9. starstarstarstarstar_half. Not always meeting deadlines on things.

6.1 Overall Score. He then let us know that, as a business with fewer than 100 employees, we would have to be referred to a local reseller. Kronos also maintains individual employees' time off buckets. The latest hiccup occurred when the system went down and we reported this. Kronos Review. View Profile #3 Paycor chevron_right. I am a little frustrated with at times the communication flow.
Read Kronos - Workforce Timekeeper All reviews by Health IT professionals and choose the best Time & Attendance software for your needs.
Kronos was recently brought by Hellman and Friedman and JMI Equity for $1.74 billion. Top Ranked Companies #1 ADP chevron_right. Visit Site | View Profile #2 Everee chevron_right. Sometimes not communicating proactively updates on where we are at with fixing certains issues. 4.2 Overall Score.