When Sinabung erupted in 2014, more than a dozen people were killed and thousands were evacuated. The 2,600-meter Mount Sinabung has sporadically erupted since September.

Mount Sinabung became active in September, following three years of inactivity.

Mount Sinabung …

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 3.169635, 98.393036. Eruptions readers were quick on the news about the new eruption at Sinabung in Indonesia. Seven people have died and two are in critical condition after Mount Sinabung on Sumatra island erupted on Saturday, said an Indonesian disaster agency official, adding that the army and police are still searching for survivors in the area.

Sibayak is a term from the Karo Batak language referring to a founding community. After the September eruption, the volcano erupted again on October 24 and twice on Sunday. After the September eruption, the volcano erupted again on October 24 and twice on Sunday. The volcano was dormant for over 400 years before awaking from its slumber in 2010 and killing two people. Crater of Gunung Sibayak. This kind of volcano is called […] Sinabung on Sumatra erupting on August 29, 2010. The 8,071-ft tall volcano is among Indonesia's most active.

Mount Sinabung, in Indonesia, sat dormant for an estimated 400 years before it roared back into life in 2010, and has been erupting regularly ever since, forcing thousands from their homes. 25 June 2015. Locals could only watch on as the smoke engulfed the sky. Mount Sinabung (Indonesian: Gunung Sinabung, also Dolok Sinabung, Deleng Sinabung, Dolok Sinaboen, Dolok Sinaboeng and Sinabuna) is a Pleistocene-to-Holocene stratovolcano of andesite and dacite in the Karo plateau of Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia, 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the Lake Toba supervolcano. The 2,460-metre (8,070 foot) tall volcano is among the country's most active. ... Video Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupts again . In Indonesia's North Sumatra province, Mount Sinabung, a 2,600-meter 8,530-foot tall volcano, has erupted several times over the past few days, spewing massive clouds of superheated gas and ash into the sky, and down its slopes in deadly pyroclastic flows. Related Topics

The fiery mountain stands about 2,460m tall on the northern part of the island. Mount Sinabung on the island of Sumatra spewed huge plums of smoke after it erupted on Wednesday afternoon. An eruption in 2010 killed two people and caught scientists off guard because the volcano had been quiet for four centuries.

It killed another 16 people in 2014 and seven people lost their lives to the volcano in 2016. Mount Sinabung is a 4,260m tall volcano in the North Sumatran region of Indonesia.

Indonesia volcano Sinabung in deadly eruption . Mount Sinabung is a tall mountain which can be found in Kuta Gugung, Naman Teran, Karo Regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Mount Sinabung in the back. It formed over centuries, 15,00,000 years ago during the last Ice Age with layers upon layers of thick magma oozing out slowly from the top and building up along the sides, raising its height. Mount Sinabung, Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The 2,460-metre (8,070 foot) tall volcano is among the country's most active. It is relatively easy to climb and has been a tourist attraction since colonial times. Mount Sibayak in 1920s.