It equals (3.986 004 418 ± 0.000 000 008) × 10 14 m 3 s −2. However the value of gravitational acceleration g (small g) will vary at various location.

Define gravitational constant. n. Abbr. Earths gravitational constant, known as g, as around 9.81 m s-1 . The gravitational constant is 6.67 x 10^-11 meter^3 / (kilogram - second^2).

The value of the gravitational constant or the BIG "G" remains constant. It appearslaw of universal gravitation, and in Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. gravitational constant synonyms, gravitational constant pronunciation, gravitational constant translation, English dictionary definition of gravitational constant. The Earth Gravitational Constant, μ μ, is derived from the universal constant of gravitation, G, and the mass of the Earth, M.This derived constant is expressed in SI units of m 3 m 3 / sec 2 sec 2.. Related Data [Equation Not Found] includes the mean value in different units, and formulas that take into consideration altitude and latitude ... a point on the earth directly under the moon experiences a greater gravitational pull toward… 1 Antworten: gravitational warping on the quantum scale - Krümmung der Gravitation auf der Quantenskala: Letzter Beitrag: 08 Apr. It's the same as that of Earth but the value of g varies from one object to the other. So the Earth and sun pull on each other with a force equal to 3.52 x 10^22 newtons. The word around is a tip-off that it is a somewhat inconstant constant. The Gravitational constant which is denoted by G (Big G) is a constant and it’s value will remain the same be it at the earth or the moon. gravitational constant [PHYS.] One newton is equal to 0.22 of the rarely used English unit called pound-force, so 3.52 x 10^22 newtons is 7.9 x 10^21 pound-force. The newton is a unit of force equal to a kilogram-meter/second^2. In celestial mechanics, the standard gravitational parameter ... G M ⊕, the gravitational parameter for the Earth as the central body, is called the geocentric gravitational constant. The gravitational constant denoted by letter G, is an empirical physical constant involved in the calculation(s) of gravitational force between two bodies.