Today, commercial space transportation primarily means launch to Earth orbit. ESA’s objective is to develop a robust and flexible Space Transportation ecosystem which serves European needs. ESA. (credit: SpaceX) Shaping up: the future of US space transportation by Roger Handberg Monday, March 9, 2015 . Future space transportation services and systems are assessed on their competitiveness and economic viability. At the DaVinci Institute, our goal in writing “2050 and the Future of Transportation” was to help stimulate thinking and hopefully make it controversial enough to cause these topics to be debated. Closed captions available Captions and subtitles are available (automatically generated by YouTube) - select your language using the YouTube player controls. Daniel Neuenschwander, ESA Director of Space Transportation, answers questions on how ESA plans future space transportation, how new materials can help, and how this will affect the way we build rockets in the future.

The future of transportation will be derived by strong desires for personal freedom and people’s need to gain control over lifestyles that are moving faster and faster. In fact, there are commercial in-space transportation companies now. ESA is calling for ideas that will shape the future of space transportation services – to space, in space and returning from space. Commercial efforts like SpaceX have helped reshape, and strength, the domestic space transportation landscape recently. Conclusion #1: This Future Space Transportation Study was a limited scope effort that analyzed approximately 20% of the potential future markets, as outlined by the Commercial Space Transportation Study (CSTS) published in 1994. The results of the limited market analyses conducted here supported the general conclusions put forth by the CSTS: that the space launch market is … In the near future, it will include commercial in-space transportation systems and their support infrastructure. “The changing world we live in requires a space agency to anticipate. The future of commercial space transportation by Dallas Bienhoff Monday, August 19, 2019.