by Square Enix. Format: Video Game Change. Price: $18.85 + Free shipping with Amazon Prime. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Write a review. Sporting over 200 hours worth of gameplay, complete with refinements and added … 602 customer ratings . Final Fantasy X-2 › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. The arrival of Final Fantasy X/X-2 on Xbox One – along with Final Fantasy VII, IX and the upcoming release of XII – represents the franchise in its golden age. 4.2 out of 5. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a superb collection that's a sight to behold on Sony's portable system. Add to Wish List. Of all the legacy Final Fantasy games that have come to Xbox One, the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is the most comprehensive of the lot.

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Final Fantasy X review: Listen to my story When Final Fantasy X first came out on PlayStation 2 in 2001, it was praised for its graphics, from its stunning battle animations to cinematic cutscenes. Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster on the PS4 is the best that the games have ever looked. Ranked #308 All-time among Glitchwave users. The spiritually deep story is every bit as moving today as it was nearly twenty years ago, and surprisingly, each title here has aged remarkably well, both visually and mechanically. During a match, Tidus gets swept up to another world and joins summoner Yuna on her journey to save the world of Spira from a rampaging … Add to Cart. The story of Final Fantasy X is told by Tidus, a sports star from the futuristic metropolis called Zanarkand. For a long time, these games only ever graced the PlayStation platforms, and now … Final Fantasy X (game, JRPG, turn-based RPG, science fiction, high fantasy). Top positive review. 5 star 67% 4 star 7% 3 star 15% 2 star 5% 1 star 5% Final Fantasy X-2. Final Fantasy X is, for many fans, the last of the golden age of Final Fantasy games, with future games taking a direction that many series purists felt wasn’t what got them into the games in the first place. Released 2001. 5.0 out of 5 stars … Final Fantasy X-2 was slightly controversial, and a bizarre direction for the franchise to take, but a good game, nonetheless.