Several Cheats and Exploits allow Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 players to abuse the system, creating, among other things, nearly indestructible All BGMs music vol. The issue wasn't the loss of memory of the first world. The story of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII takes place 1000 years after the events of Final Fantasy XIII and 500 years after Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the world of Nova Chrysalia. 1) Bad ending: If you fail to complete all main quests before reaching day 0. Canvas of Prayer has nothing to do with the endings. It focuses on Lightning who works as the savior to save the souls of humanity before the end of the world. Major. If it doesn't work please check the description.

". (New Game starts automatically and all of the stats carry over.) 1 year ago. 3) Secret ending (after normal ending & credits): If you complete all main quests AND 51 sidequests. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Hello What about stop-time cheats? Miscellaneous ; By GalangJP; 1.5MB ; 3-- View mod page; View image gallery; LRFF13 BGM Vol. Dec 16, 2015 @ 10:56am Is it possible to stop time? It may take several, but eventually Lightning will get a dud, giving you the item. In Lightning Returns, Lightning is initially cold and distant, most of her emotions sapped from her, although her memories remain intact. 2) Normal ending: If you complete all main quests. Honestly the game feels kind unpolished and quickly thrown together, but it still manages to be a great game and a tonne of fun. Her wish to save Serah remains, and she still shows concern for her former allies. mod. I've made it through 7 days, and made Luxerion and Yusnan main quests, and 3/4 Luxerion side quests … Slay the Machine []. Demon Spicules are from Gaunts, seen in the Forsaken Graveyard. Lightning and Hope demonstrate trust and care for one another, Hope promising to be by her side, helping Lightning better maintain her humanity despite her situation. The game only has two CGI scenes also, the opening and the ending; the rest are rendered in-game. Requirement: 5 Motor Coil; Reward: 150 Gil, Celebrity's Charm Stats: Maximum HP +10, Strength +1.

Lightning Returns looks good for the most part, and the art direction is great for the most part, but you're definitely not going to be blown away or anything. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII > General Discussions > Topic Details. When asked whether the new world and the real world are connected, he "wasn't sure". For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Secret Ending after the credits? Time Doesn't Heal . During an interview in the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania, Director Motomu Toriyama stated he did not have a solid idea about what the new world should look like, and requested his design staff to draw inspiration from "anywhere in Southern Europe", and to have Lightning appear in ordinary clothes.