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If Carla wants a future with Samuel, she shouldn't give it up. If Samuel and Carla did eventually get together then there is one big hurdle they would have to try and overcome: Nano almost being charged with Marina's murder. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. With Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso. Samuel García Domínguez/Original Female Character (s) Guzmán Nunier Osuna/Original Female Character (s) Elite-Samuel And Carla Fanfic Romance "I lost you" Samuel whispered "You never had me" Carla respond looking him in the eyes and walking away. Their relationship was purely physical at the beginning. Samuel and Carla's relationship on Netflix's Elite has developed into a fan favorite, even though it starts off rocky. I think this is the most interesting relationship in elite so far, and that the second season shouldn't proceed to a storyline which ends up with them drifting apart. It's just they both put other things over themselves. Her mom is the heiress of the Marquesado de Caleruega and owns a vineyard with the same name, meaning that Carla is a marchioness and the future heiress.

Work in Progress. #carla elite #samuelcarla #samuel elite #samuel x carla #carla x samuel #samuel #elite netflix #elite spoilers #elite season 2 #elite s2 #they are so in love #im gonna cry #carla is so soft #that little smile #from enemies to soulmates #nadia elite #guzman #nadia x guzman #omander #omar elite #omar and ander #ander elite Back in season 1, Carla became an accessory to murder when she covered up the fact that Polo killed Marina while he was trying to retrieve her father's watch. She is portrayed by Ester Expósito. He is portrayed by Itzan Escamilla. It started as a result of Samuel attempting to get close to Carla believing that she was somehow involved in the murder of Marina.. Their relationship is often complicated and they never manage to define exactly what their relationship is. General Audiences. Samuel Gracía Domíngues-16 year old scholarship student at Las Encinas. If this series has taught the viewers anything, it's that life is too short to be letting anyone dictate your happiness.

Carla Rosón Caleruega is a character on the Netflix series Elite.

She is a graduate student of Las Encinas. Carla is very wealthy thanks to her dad, a very successful businessman. Even Season 3 looks as if Carla's going to try and keep Samuel at an arm's length despite the pair wanting to be together. Me too! But then I realised Carla was genuinely happy because of Samuel, which then, after implicit reasons, made it feel they were well together.

1 - 20 of 190 Works in Elite (TV) Navigation and Actions. I still hate Samuel for toying with Rebe, and for what he did to her in S3.

I think Carla really has feelings for Samuel and vice versa. 5 IN THE MORNING • ÉLITE by HopeVainProductions. Carla and Samuel become romantically involved in season 2 of the series. Carla deserves to be selfish. level 1. When three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder. I actually hated Samuel and Carla together initially, because Carla >>>> Samuel. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Samuel García Domínguez, commonly referred to as Samu, is a main character on the Netflix series Elite.Samuel is from a poor background and attends the exclusive privaté school Las Encinas on a scholarship following the controversial closure of his former school San Esteban after the building collapsed on itself. Created by Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero.