It's orbit is the same 248-year period as Pluto's orbit, and it's just a little smaller than Pluto. ... How long does it take Uranus to rotate on rd axis and orbit around the sun Asked in The Moon, Dwarf Planets We need you to answer this question! How long does Orcus rotate around the sun? Orcus (a Dwarf Planet candidtate) is currently 47.8 AU from the Sun, so around 46.8 AU from Earth, when earth is at its closest to it in its orbit.

The Orbits of Pluto & Orcus. This first section is an in-depth exploration of the Orbital Parameters of Pluto and Orcus based upon the principles outlined in "Guidelines on How to Explore the Astrology of Newly Discovered Objects in Our Solar System".This exploration will provide significant insight into differences between Pluto and Orcus as well as their similarities.

So it's easy to see how the astronomers took a quick look at Roman mythology, and seeing that the Roman god of the underworld had more than one name (in fact, three names: Pluto, Orcus, and Dis Pater), they simply grabbed one of the other underworld god names, Orcus, and named their new discovery. Since the Sun is 26,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way, it has to travel at an astonishing speed of 782,000 km/hour in a circular orbit around the Milky Way center. 90377 Sedna, or simply Sedna, is a large planetoid in the outer reaches of the Solar System that was, as of 2020, at a distance of about 85 astronomical units (1.27 × 10 10 km; 7.9 × 10 9 mi) from the Sun, about three times as far as Neptune.