I'm still a huge fan of the criminally underrated gem. Obsidian has made a lot of great RPG games in the past and they are responsible for Alpha Protocol as well, which released in 2010.

Things were a bit rough even at the time. ... but for now head down to the comments section and let us know if you’d pick up an Alpha Protocol remaster someday. Alpha Protocol has been removed from Steam, but the reason sadly isn't the idea of a remaster that was hinted at least year. Looks like a good day for Alpha Protocol fans as it seems the game is being teased for a Remaster. For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Alpha Protocol Remaster teased by Obsidian and Limited Run Games". Alpha Protocol removed from Steam: Sega’s got the reason why.
Douglas Bogart from Limited Run Games recently asked on Twitter whether players would want to see a remaster of Alpha Protocol on the current-gen consoles. In any case, paint me interested.

If Alpha Protocol were to be remade I think it’ll need quite an overhaul.

For PC players it’s going to need to be a total remake rather than a simple remaster. It’s a wonderful mess, full of great ideas, but hampered by the sort of behind-the-scenes development troubles that plagued the studio for so much of its life. I kind of want someone to mix Alpha Protocol, Invisible Inc., HBS Shadowrun, and Phantom Doctrine in a blender, give it a serious Cold War vibe, and let me do actual spying and infiltration that doesn't revolve around killing or incapacitating dozens of people. What I do know is that, should a remaster of Alpha Protocol be released, I'll be the first in line. Alpha Protocol is peak Obsidian—or, at least, peak Obsidian before Pillars of Eternity set a new, more stable direction for the studio. Wonder how much someone would be willing to put into such a project. A remaster of Alpha Protocol could use more than just uptuned graphics though.