Keep the bar close to your body.

You’ll also work your glutes and forearm flexors. Single-leg Romanian deadlift This exercise challenges the core and isolates one side of the body with a heavy load, which can help strengthen … Do not go very heavy like you might with the barbell deadlift.

In this variation, you’ll focus on a single leg as with the one-legged version,... Stiff-leg Romanian deadlift. Step 2: Bend slightly at the knees, lift the weight upward to your waist. Grasping the bar with hands shoulder-width apart, stand one leg and lean forward with a... Dumbbell split-leg Romanian deadlift. It is a popular accessory movement for the deadlift, but also a muscle-building hamstring movement. Romanian Deadlift The barbell stiff-legged deadlift targets the hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back, as well as the core. Romanian Deadlift Variations One-leg Romanian deadlift. Comments and tips Keep your arms and back straight, your chest up, and your shoulders back. Step 3: As you lift the weight to your waist thrust your hips forward.

How to do Romanian Deadlift: Step 1: Start with the barbell in front of your feet and bend over and grab the bar about shoulder width apart. The Romanian deadlift targets your hamstrings more than standard deadlifts. This improves mechanical leverage. At the top of the movement, do not lean backward.